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Nationstar Optoelectronics, founded in 1969, is a listed company that is dedicated to the research, development and production of LED chips, LED components and LED lighting products. As one of the largest LED encapsulation factory in China, we are able to produce 750 million SMD LEDs every month.

We now have factory workshops covering an area of 70,000 square meters and over 2,000 employees. Modern and advanced facilities provide us with power production capacity for the LED tube, LED bulb, LED spotlight, LED downlight, flexible LED strip, and the rigid LED strip.

With more than 8 years experience in LED lighting product industry, now we can offer commercial lighting and outdoor lighting solutions according to client-side application demands. Professional suggestions about LED light design for hotels, shopping malls and office buildings are also available. Our products have been exported to countries throughout the world and they are certified by CE, ROHS, cULus, ETL, DLC, TUV, VDE, SAA, etc.

    1. T8 LED Tube

      The T8 LED tube is characterized by uniform illumination, easy installation and long lifespan, and it is suitable for traditional tube supports, which means it can replace fluorescent tube directly. Therefore, it is the preferred LED light for working places.

    1. T5 LED Tube

      This LED lighting device is suitable for places where long time lighting is required or maintenance is hard to carry out, such as hospitals, squares, parking lots, municipal buildings, advertising lamp boxes, etc.

    1. LED Panel Light

      This commercial LED lighting has a thin body, and it allows flexible installation methods. The constant current driver, diffuser plate and guide plate work together to offer stable lighting result for a very long time.

    1. LED Bulb

      The LED bulb is a new kind of energy saving lamp used to replace traditional incandescent bulb. It has a high-power LED chip, and its shell is usually made of acrylic or ground glass to prevent glaring problem.

    1. LED Spotlight

      The MR16 series usually adopts GU5.3 lamp base and DC 12V input, the GU10 series often has GU10 lamp base and AC 100-240V input, while the PAR series adopts E26 or E27 lamp base and AC 100-240V input.

    1. Recessed LED Downlight

      This product offers a trouble free LED lighting solution due to its good color rendering property, fast response speed, low carbon emission, long service life and good energy saving performance.

    1. LED Ceiling Light

      Thanks to the built-in constant current power supply, our LED ceiling light is able to provide stable lighting performance for a very long time, and the response speed is very fast while both noise and flicker are prevented.

    1. LED Downlight

      It is also characterized by energy saving performance, low carbon emission, low generated heat, little maintenance cost, long service life, fast response speed and good color rendering property.

    1. LED High Bay Light

      The LED high bay light is commonly seen in open places, including workshops, warehouses, lobbies, stadiums, cold stores, shopping malls, super markets, exhibition halls, etc.

  • Service Center
  • 1. If requested, we could provide samples within one week.
    2. As for lead time, it is usually 15-20 days for commercial LED lights, and 20-25 days for LED street light, LED high bay light and other industrial lights.
    3. All the technical parameters are supplied to offer a clear knowledge of our products.

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