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NATIONSTAR provides different LED lighting solutions according to every specific working environment, and our service items are listed below.
1. We could offer professional advice on how to select the best-fit LED light used in hotels, schools, hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls and other places.
2. The integrating sphere and IES test reports are available for every standard or customized LED luminaire.
3. Based on the environment that LED lights will be installed, we could provide installation plans and corresponding simulated lighting effects.
4. We can assist users to calculate the annual power consumption of our product, as well as how much time it will take to get back the initial investment.
5. If necessary, our skilled technicians will go to the working site to guide how to install and maintain our LED lamps.

How to select the best-fit LED light?

1. For a department store, its front exterior wall is of great importance and should be used efficiently, because a proper LED light will draw customers' attention and guide them into the store. For this purpose, a LED module or a rigid LED strip shall be used to attract people by its gorgeous color combination and unique appearance. Moreover, light source can be installed on the facade to illuminate outside area, or installed inside to light the building up.

2. A modern hospital shall be equipped with high-end LED lighting devices to alleviate patients' anxious feeling and keep them in tranquillity, which is meaningful for their recovery. However, for LED lights used in hospitals, cleanness is a major concern, and low electromagnetic interference is also of significant importance as low EMI won't reduce the service life of medical instruments. Given this, our LED panel light is highly recommended because it meets these requirements perfectly.

3. Schools and libraries are places for study, so, lighting effect is the most important factor when selecting LED lights. A proper LED light should offer enough luminance to facilitate people when they are reading books or writing homework, and it shall give out light that is similar to natural light while both flickering and glaring problems are avoided. On the other hand, schools and libraries are also public places that are often crowded with many students, so, sufficient luminance is necessary. Based on these requirements, our LED panel light is a perfect choice, and it will surely create a bright and cozy environment for students.

4. For a hotel, its lobby is usually the largest area with heavy traffic. It is usually divided into entrance, passageway, reception area, rest area as well as elevator waiting area, and these areas must be taken into account during lighting design in order to make the lighting solution natural and relaxing. Considering this, our LED spotlight and LED bulb are preferred choices.

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